Information on using kybun products and initial reactions

kybun MechanoTherapy is perfectly suited for ‘healthy’ people as well as those with ailments . kybun offers a long-term solution that can be integrated directly into your daily routine in order to treat conditions such as bunions, knee pain, varicose veins and many other ailments .

General information
Everyone would benefit from changing their gait pattern in such a way as to primarily rely on their feet. The kybun shoe and the kybun mat help you to make this change by reactivating and strengthening the foot muscles and loosening the hip muscles. Adopting this gait pattern is the best way to reduce or completely remove problems with the musculoskeletal system. This is because problems with the musculoskeletal system primarily arise as a result of developing bad posture and a bad gait pattern through walking in normal shoes on flat surfaces.

Some people experience what we call ‘initial reactions’ when they first change their gait pattern and posture. The change involves the body returning to a fully upright posture and carrying out full ranges of motion. Those who were suffering from joint or back problems may initially experience irritation or additional inflammation. The hip area may become more irritated because it is put under more strain instead of being relieved and protected. If you experience medical problems or if your body is reacting negatively, please immediately reduce the amount of time you are using the product. Train on a regular basis, but only for as long as you don’t experience any side effects. Initial reactions with the kybun shoe
The kybun shoe trains your musculature and coordination. Wearing the kybun shoe changes the forces placed on the ligaments, muscles, tendons and joints, which improves posture and gait pattern. During the transition, some people may initially feel pain or develop an inflammation. In this case, the kybun shoe should be consciously worn only for short periods, but for several periods each day, if possible. After just a few days, you can usually increase the amount of time you wear the kybun shoes each day by one or two hours. In most cases, kybun shoes will become comfortable, everyday shoes after just a few weeks.

Initial reactions with the kybun mat
You can avoid these initial reactions by increasing the intensity of your training very gradually and by performing specific exercises. We therefore recommend that those who have existing orthopaedic problems do three basic exercises on a regular basis.

Advice for those who have medical questions
You can find detailed information on what causes these initial reactions and other valuable tips on how to use the products if you are experiencing problems by clicking the Guidebook menu item. You can receive individual advice on medical problems by sending us your details here:

Free medical advice 

If your doctor does not recommend wearing kybun shoes or actively discourages wearing them, please put him or her in contact with us so that our biomechanist or specialist doctor can provide information about kybun MechanoTherapy.

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