The Company: kybun

Healthy movement integrated into everyday life

kybun is an innovative, future-oriented company based in Roggwil in the canton of Thurgau, Switzerland. A modern tower, standing 30 metres high, was recently converted in the idyllic village where you can also find a castle, two churches and a diverse village community. The old mill building was recently transformed into what may well be the most innovative tower in Switzerland. For many years, the structure was the meeting point for farmers in the region but now it serves as a modern office space. All workspaces in the building were designed in keeping with Karl Müller’s revolutionary idea to replace chairs in favour of standing desks and treadmills. Employees use a standing meeting room instead of a regular meeting room and spend the day without shoes. Instead, they stand on kybun mats – elastic, springy mats that make you feel lighter and more active. kybun Tower is the headquarters of kybun AG, a company that brings movement into everyday life.