Improve your handicap with kybun products

Core stability and good coordination are essential for golf. Yet this is where many players’ weaknesses emerge.

The elastic springy kybun mat allows any golfer to simply and effectively improve their body rotation and balance. Exercises and swing training are particularly effective when performed barefoot on the kybun mat. The instability of the springy mat strengthens body perception and balance. Regular exercise sessions on the kybun mat result in significantly better core stability. The kybun mat allows muscles to quickly regenerate after a round on the golf course.

Not just professionals but golfers from all walks of life are incorporating kybun products into their training and are impressed by the advantages they have to offer.

"Regularly practicing on the kybun mat allows you to significantly increase your core stability as well as improve movement and control when hitting the ball. You can’t get a better handicap without core stability and balance,”
says Steve Anders, qualified professional golfer, member of the PGA of Germany and coach at Jura Golf Park and the Golf Academy in Hiltzhofen, Germany.

In short, golfers can use the kybun mat to improve their timing in terms of the entire game.

Are kybun shoes suitable for golfing?

kybun shoes can be highly beneficial for golf.

When you walk for long distances in the kybun shoe, you train your foot coordination and proprioception. You can view this as complementary training to the technical training (hitting balls): Walking in the kybun shoe improves foot strength and coordination, which gives you more stability from your lower body and benefits your golf game (improved body awareness and stability from your lower body leads to more precise swings because you learn to better control your body).

I would recommend using the kybun shoe for golf swing practice only if you have already worn the kybun shoe for some time and are accustomed to it. It is important that you can stabilise your feet in an upright position and do not allow any lateral/medial rolling as your swing the club. This controlled striking of the ball in the kybun shoe is intensive and very effective training for the body’s muscular coordination during the swing. With kybun, the demands made of the body during this movement are much higher than when wearing conventional, stable golf shoes.
Because the foot movement during the swing places a great deal of load on the soft sole, an uncontrolled swing that causes lateral/medial rolling of the foot may overburden the foot ligaments. The kybun shoe may also wear more quickly due to this increased load.

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