Bring the soft, springy mat on board

A good boat shoe needs to meet high requirements. It is essential to have a sole that can ensure a strong foothold in all conditions.

Perfect grip thanks to kyBoot shoes

The soft, springy soles of kyBoot shoes provide perfect grip on wet surfaces. Long periods of time spent standing on hard boat surfaces are times of pure relaxation thanks to kyBoot shoes and the kyBounder. The kyBounder plus is water repellent and easy to clean thanks to its unique coating.

Turn shore leave into pure pleasure
There’s nothing standing in the way during your time on shore thanks to kyBoot shoes. The honeycomb air structure of kyBoot soles creates an air cushion between your foot and the ground, pumping a fifth of the air volume into your foot area with every step. This creates a comfortable shoe climate, even in warm weather.

Ein Landgang mit dem kyBoot ist pures vergnügen
Ein Landgang mit dem kyBoot ist pures vergnügen